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Sports and Activities

Student Athlete Eligibility Policy for Northwest Middle School

Required Student Athlete Documentation
Pre-Participation Physical (English)
Pre-Participation Physical (Spanish)
Concussion Form (English)
Concussion Form (Spanish)
Parental Insurance Waiver (English and Spanish)
Activities Consent Form (English and Spanish)
Tiger Football

Sept. 12      Argentine vs. Northwest
                          at Harmon @ 9am
Sept. 26      Northwest vs. Central
                        at Wyandotte @ 9am
Oct. 3         Northwest vs. Eisenhower
                        at Wyandotte @ 9am
Oct. 10       Northwest vs. Arrowhead
                        at Washigton @ 11am
Oct. 17       Corondo vs. Northwest
                        at Wyandotte @ 11am
Oct. 31       West vs. Northwest
                        at Washington @ 9am
Tiger Volleyball

Sept.   8            Central at Home
Sept. 10            West - Away
Sept. 15            Rosedale at Home
Sept. 17            Eisenhower at Home
Sept. 24            Coronado at Home
Sept. 29            Arrowhead at Home
Oct.    1             Sumner - Away
Oct.    6             Argentine at Home

Tiger Cross Country Meet Locations

Sept. 14       Eisenhower with Argentine, Sumner, Central
Sept. 21       Coronado with Rosedale, Argentine
Sept. 28       West with Arrowhead, Coronado, Central
Oct. 8           HOME Meet at Klamm Park with all district middle schools
Tiger Girls' Basketball

Nov. 5            Sumner - Away
Nov. 10          Argentine - At Home
Nov. 12          Eisenhower - At Home
Nov. 16            Central - Away
Nov. 19          Coronado - Away
Dec. 1            West - Away
Dec. 3            Rosedale - At Home
Dec. 5            Arrowhead - At Home
Tiger Wrestling Meet Locations
Start time - 9:00 a.m.

Nov. 14       At West with Central
Nov. 21       At Home with Argentine, Arrowhead
Dec.   5       At Sumner with Coronado
Dec. 12       At Rosedale with Eisenhower
Tiger Boys' Basketball

Jan. 19          Eisenhower - At Home
Jan. 21          West - Away
Jan. 26          Sumner - Away
Jan. 28          Argentine - At Home
Feb.   2          Central - Away
Feb.   4          Arrowhead - At Home
Feb.   9          Rosedale - At Home
Feb. 18          Coronado - Away            
Tiger Track Meet Locations
Track meets begin as close to 3:30 pm as possible

April   4     At Harmon with Sumner, Argentine
April 11     At Washington with Arrowhead, West (HOME Meet)
April 18     At TBA with Coronado, Eisenhower
April 25     At Wyandotte with Rosedale, Central (Home Meet)
Tiger Soccer

Girls play at time listed followed by boys an hour later.

March 26     At Harmon vs. Argentine - 9 am
April   9      At Wyandotte vs. Central - 9 am Home Game
April 16      At Washington vs. Arrowhead - 11 am Home Game
April 18      At TBA vs. Eisenhower 3:30 pm Home Game
April 30      At Wyandotte vs. Coronado - 11 am
May    2      At Wyandotte vs. West 3:30 pm
Debate Meet Locations

All Debate tournaments, excluding the UMKC “City Champs” Tournaments, will begin at 3:30 PM.

October 27          Barstow Tournament
November 5        Northwest Tournament
November 12      Arrowhead Tournament
December 8         Smith Hale Tournament
January 19          Sumner Tournament
February 5          Kauffman Tournament
February 16        Coronado Tournament
February 27 (8 AM-6 PM)   UMKC "City Champs" Tournament
February 28 (12 PM-5 PM) UMKC "City Champs" Tournament

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